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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 11, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon -- a south bay bar suspended from serving alcohol. the deadly connection behind the decision. and what the b.a.r.t. board of directors is doing today to prevent future b.a.r.t. strikes. the nation pauses to remember the 9/11 terrorist attacks. we'll show you the memories and remembrances held around the bay area in honor of this solemn occasion. good afternoon, everybody. i'm brian flores. today a south bay bar paid the price for its involvement in a deadly crash that claimed the
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life of two men last year. sal castanedo is live from the nowhere bar and grill to explain. >> reporter: brian, investigators tell us that on the night of the deadly crash, the i.d.s of the two men in question were not checked. as of today, this bar's liquor license is as you spend -- suspended. today, the department of alcohol, beverage control suspended the right for this business to sell alcohol for 30 days. it was january 12th, 2013 when a driver of a chevy co lost control and crashed into an beam on 880 in san jose -- into an embankment on 880 in san jose. killed was a 19-year-old and his roommate of san jose. we found pictures of flores and seone online. abc agents say the men were illegally drinking at the bar
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the night of the deadly crash. today, the investigators suspended the license of the bar where they say the illegal drinking occurred. >> from the point of that fatal crash, our agent was able to track back to this location that the 19-year-olds were served at the location behind me. >> reporter: the department of alcohol beverage control trace which stands for target responsibility for alcohol- related emergencies, investigates serious incidents where consumption of alcohol by minors is a contributing factor. abc investigators say they've opened 40 trace cases so far this year. >> those serious incidents can be a fatal crash, a major injury crash, a sexual assault, an alcohol poisoning, or an alcohol overdose. something of that nature. >> reporter: i was able to speak with the owner of the bar briefly. he didn't want to go on the camera. he said the men used fake i.d.s on other occasions. they were regulars at the bar. ktvu is looking into that and also looking into how many
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other bars have had the same thing happen where their license has been pummed after they were serve -- pulled after they were serving drinks to minor. sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you. well, hundreds gathered for a funeral mass today for a 14- year-old san francisco boy stabbed and killed last week. rashawn williams was remembered at the cathedral of st. mary on goff street. many were dressed in white for the service which was open to the public. he had just bought candy with one of his younger brothers when he was stabbed outside of a market in the mission district. police arrested another 14-year- old in connection with the killing. well, b.a.r.t.'s board of directors is holding an important meeting working on ways to prevent future strikes. alex savidge is live with the critical report that board members are discussing. >> reporter: good afternoon. this lengthy report done by an outside consultant blames bad blood between the two for the
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strikes last year and successes a number of ways to improve the relationship moving forward. >> we have to find a better way to do things than what we're doing. >> reporter: right now, they are meeting to go over the long list of recommendations put in this report which was done by dynamics. it was economicsed by b.a.r.t. and includes 63 recommendations to avoid another crippling transit strike. among other things it suggests that negotiations should start earlier. this also recommends b.a.r.t. and the unions decide on an outside arbitrator ahead of time. for the board of director, the lesson is don't wait to get involved in negotiations. >> early on, the board should not seek entire authority to management in terms of labor negotiations. we have to be responsible and
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be involved in at an early stage. >> reporter: the board criticizes bart's decision to bring in outside negotiator tom hock. there's a serious lack of trust on the part of b.a.r.t. management and labor but the head of 1021 is optimistic that if b.a.r.t. makes changes to improve the negotiations process it can help avoid another work stoppage. >> i think it could. we think this is positive. we're not already ready to sing but this is a good start. >> reporter: and following this meeting today, the board of directors will assign work groups to study each recommendation from the group and look at how to make those changes before the next round of negotiations which won't happen for another three years. b.a.r.t.'s board calls this report a blueprint to avoid future strikes and they do plan to take these recommendations to heart, they say. we're live this afternoon in
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downtown oakland, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. police and the bomb squad are investigating a suspicious device found this morning at the fremont dmv. that dnv is located on central avenue. fremont police say the device is electrical in nature. they have evacuated the dmv building and advised those in the area to sheltner place. residents trying to get home are advised to go to a command post set up at the cabrio shopping center on shoernton avenue for more information -- thornton avenue for more information. [bell tolling] >> the pain and memories linger from september 11th, 2001 for many. ceremonies are taking place today here in the bay area and all around the country to remember those who were killed. in san francisco, the mayor, fire chief, firefighters, and recruits attended a ceremony and lowered the flag at laugh staff at fire station 7 -- at
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half staff at fire station 7. the names of the firefighters who died were read aloud. janine de la vega shows us more. >> as part of the september 11th patriot day remembrance -- >> reporter: these fremont firefighters stood solemnly remembering the firefighters who lost their lives on this day 13 years ago. as they saluted, they stared at a piece of steel, and then two pillars symbolizing the twin towers. "amazing grace" played. the firefighters were silent at 6:59 a.m., the moment the south tower fell.
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>> 343 firefighters lost their lives. and when you touch that steel, you feel that lost. >> reporter: the department's new recruits participated in this morning's ceremony. some of them were children when the attack happened. >> i was 8 years old. i was in 3rd grade. that was one of the only things i remember from when i was so young. >> reporter: daniel o'brian says the impact of 9/11 drove him to pursue being a firefighter. he and the other men and women in the department are grateful to have this permanent 9/11 memorial which was just completed this week. firefighters and other personnel built it themselves. it's located at their training facility where the recruits learn the challenges of the job. this steel is from the 62nd of tower one. it says never recruit. >> a lot of men and women gave up their lives for that piece of steel. i feel very honored. i'm sure the rest of the rest department feels honored to
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have that here. >> reporter: and to have for future generations to come. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> over 3,000 people were killed. 184 died at the pentagon. president obama and the first lady attended a ceremony there this morning and praised a wreath near the site where the hijackers crashed flight 77. the president spoke during the ceremony. he urged survivors and the families of the victims to call on their strength and courage. at americans are -- as americans are remembering the victims of 9/11, the country is facing another threat. yesterday, the president laid out his plan for the threat from isis and isil. >> i've made it clear we were hunt down terrorists who threaten our country wherever they are. that means i will not hesitate to take action in syria as well as iraq. >> president obama also announced plans to send 475 troops to iraq but insisted
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their mission is only to assist iraqi forces. the president also said the u.s. will not be hey lone in this fight. >> american will be joined by a broad coalition of partners. already allies are flying planes with us over iraq, sending arms and assistance, sharing intelligence and providing billions of dollars in humanitarian aid. >> in a statement today, syria's main opposition group urged congress to quickly approve a program to train and arm the rebels who are fighting both the islamic extremists and the syrian president, bashar assad. police are investigating a peculiarry in the north -- burglary in the north bay that ended up with a homeowner being shot. and some parts of the bay area are warming up and there's fog along the coast. mark tamayo will be here with more. and the nfl opens the investigation into the domestic violence case involving ray rice. the help coming from a former director of the fbi.
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welcome back, everybody. well, richmond police are investigating the deadly shooting of 52-year-old anthony bing. he was found shot to death just before 9:00 at 5th street and nevin avenue. officers were in the area responding to a stabbing around the corner when they heard the gunshots. but investigators say there's
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no evidence to suggest the stabbing and shooting are related. so far, there are no known suspects in either case. and in petaluma, police are looking for suspects in the city's first homicide of the year there. investigators say a 49-year-old man was shot to death inside a home on suncrest hill drive late yesterday. the santa rosa press democrat reports officers are now following one strong lead in the case and they do not believe the suspect poses any tret to the general -- threat to the general public. santa rosa police arrested one man and are looking for another in connection with an early-morning burglary that ended with a homeowner being shot. the break-in happened at about 1:30 this morning in the rincon valley neighborhood. police believe the suspects targeted the home because there's a legal medical marijuana grow inside. they say the thieves cut down quite a few pot plants. the homeowner heard the men inside his house and chased them out side. the thieves opened fire. police say the homeowner was shot once in the leg. >> the homeowner was rather brave to do this.
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these are one of these case, though, sometimes the best thing to do is sit back, call 911, report what you are seeing and he's lucky to be alive in this case. >> investigators say a 19-year- old suspect was found hiding in the bushes. he was arrested. police are still looking for the other man who got away. sunnyvale police are warn about a -- warning about a group of men snatching people's gold chains right off their next. these two pictures were released by police. they are of the car involved and one of the suspected robbers at least. there are been 15 reported case of this and while most victims were women, one man was targeted. at least two of the chain snatchings, the robbers also pulled out a gun. several residents in milpitas had to be evacuated after heavy smoke from a house fire. the fire broke out after 5:00 this morning on the 1700 block of dennis avenue in milpitas. firefighters say nobody was home at the time but several residents nearby were evacuated
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as a precaution. fire officials say it was difficult to get to the fire because of a lot of items inside the home. one firefighter was taken to the hospital as a precaution because of exhaustion. investigators say the fire started inside the house. >> it was primarily in the bedroom areas as far as we can tell. you never know what could cause it. we'll look into it. we blew the windows out to soften the structure or ventilate it. >> 14 firefighters responded to this fire including mutual aid from the san jose fire department. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. officials with the california department of fish and wildlife believe they've killed the mountain lion that attacked a 6-year-old boy from cupertino. tracking dogs picked up the scent yesterday and spotted the mountain lion in a tree about 130 yards from where the child was attacked last weekend. officials say they had no choice but to shoot the mountain lion. >> it would not have been possible to tranquilize it.
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it would have died in the fall at that height. >> they also say that protecting public safety is a priority. the mountain lion's remains were sent to a sacramento lab for festing to confirm it was the one that attacked the boy. meantime, the little boy is hack home recovering after getting -- back home recovering after getting rabies shots. more on the domestic violence scandal involving ray rice. the league has fired robert mueller from the fbi, former director, to investigate the leak's handling of evidence in the case. this announcement came hours after the a.p. reported the nfl received the video of rice punching his then- fiancee five months before it surfaced on tv. the nfl says this new allegation will be part of mueller's investigation. in the meantime, the nation's largest feminist organization is demanding major changes in the league. >> we want the resignation of roger goodell because of his lack of response to domestic violence within the nfl. >> this is a big macho, tough
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league and yet it seems to be populated by a lot of coward, starting in the league offices, the ownership offices, and, you know, these men who beat up women. >> and here at home, the 49ers suspended their play by play announcer, ted robinson, after what he made what the organization calls offensive comments about ray rice's wife. the comments suggested that she should take some of the responsibility for not immediately reporting the violent attack. he also called her to decision to marry rice after the assault "pathetic." robinson said "i understand that the cycle of abuse keeps people in unhealthy relationships. no blame or responsibility for domestic violence should ever be placed on the victim." the family of ray mcdonald is speaking out for the first time. he could face felony domestic violence charges following his arrest in san jose late last night. but prosecutors have still not decided whether to file those
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charges. mcdonald's family in florida is telling the contra costa times that mcdonald did not physically attack his pregnant fiance. his mother said, if they knew us and our son and the type of person he is, he's not the vicious woman beater he's portrayed to be. well, the bay area microclimate is really resurfacing. you have the chilliy conditions. already warming up and the temperatures on track to reach the upper 90s. this is from our oakland camera. you get an idea. there's haze, mott only with the marine layer but -- not only with the manager but the area of air quality. this is wrapping the pollutants. as a result, we had the spare the air alert for today. you can see it on the scale. we're in the yellow to orange range on the air quality control and you can see the projected levels for this afternoon really ramp upg, especially in the east bay and the santa clara valley with
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those air quality numbers going up which is not a good direction. as far as today, the key headlines, a hot forecast, temperatures force the beaches, definitely want to bundle up. 60s. but inland on track to reach the upper 90s to 100. with this warming weather pattern, especially this time of year, fire danger always a big concern. right now, you can see clear skies across most of the state except the fog hanging out near parts of the shore line. a marine layer cloud is out there. and dense fog showing up near parts of the golden gate bridge. near parts of the sunset district. we're not exwreetly clear out there. i think -- completely clear out there. i think the fog will stick around with an onshore breeze, a stronger onshore breeze. we'll cool things off a little bit as we head into saturday and sunday. current numbers, san francisco 72 degrees. that's downtown. san jose 74. livermore, 88 degrees. you get the idea here. the inland spots already heating back up to the 80s in this hour. santa rosa in the upper 70s. warm to hot thursday away from the immediate shoreline as high pressure builds in.
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that's the compressing air. that's warming air. that's the key factor for today. changes at least for the coast, we have fog out there. but right around the bay, 80s to around 90. inland in the upper 90s. i'm thinking basically the same deal into it tomorrow and then we'll shave off a few degrees. triple dig yilts near clearlake. vacaville. oakland, 80. livermore in the upper 90s. brentwood at 100. san jose upper 80s. about 89 degrees and sunnyvale, 88. right around the coast, you will find the cooler temperatures for half moon bay, pacifica. san francisco downtown in the upper 70s. here is a look april head to your -- ahead to your forecast. still hot tomorrow inland. you get the idea for the trend. if you want the real relief, you have to wait until sunday and monday of next week with the fog. everybody cools the entire bay area. >> and i know -- i've asked this before -- no rain in
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sight? >> no. usually it's halloween, the week after. maybe that could be a different story. >> we need it. >> thank you. potholes, congestion and accidents cost bay area drivers more than $2,000 a year. that's according to a cording to -- according to a group who says 30% of the roads and bridges are in bad condition. those bad roads cost bay area drivers $2200 a year in lost time, fuel costs and crashes. a new weight loss drug gets the green light from the fda. we'll tell you who is approved to use the california-based product.
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welcome back, everything. well, stocks are trading lower this afternoon. looking at the big board, the dow is down 30 points. nasdaq down 6 and the s&p is down a point. google is now responding after millions of gmail addresses and passwords were posted online. in fact, 5 million gmail addresses and passwords were made public on a russian bitcoin forum. google says many are not current. google says it does not appear gmail was hacked and that the addresses and passwords were likely gathered from other hacked sites. a bay area mixed martial arts fighter is expected to make a giant comeback this weekend and while the fight won't be easy, he's overcome a
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bigger challenge. matt major is homeless, living on the streets of san jose. he says despite doing well in the ultimate fighting championship several years ago, he fell into a depression after his sister's death and he ended up homeless. however, recently he began training and volunteering with the san jose outreach group. >> the outcome is gonna be that i'm back on track with my life, getting my life together, getting back in the ring. that's the outcome. >> he will face opponent david mitchell on saturday for the middle weight title at the west coast fighting championship in sacramento. the fda today approved a promising new weight loss drug that some say could help in the fight against obesity. it's called contrave. it's designed to help people with a body mass index of 30 or higher. it's mferned by a -- manufactured by a drug company in southern california. the pill is a combination of two drugs that are already approved. one is used to treat alcohol and narcotic dependence. the other is a anti-depressant.
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the drug is scheduled to go on the market this fall. of course, we thank you for making ktvu cur your choose for news. you can follow us on facebook and twitert -- twitter. have a great thursday, everyone.
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up next on eco-company -- >> we're heading into the kitchen, but this isn't your normal kitchen and these guys aren't making soup. they're working on energy efficiency. >> a more efficient stove is the one given the same cooking task will be able to do it with less skill. >> so, guys, don't try this at ho home. >> plus, plugging in. >> people are always asking, oh, can i get one of those? >> we catch a ride with the founder of the green youth movement to find out what's driving her mission. >> and ready for a little pedal power? these guys are. and this isn't the only way they're greening up their campus. they even have a monster lurking


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